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9/11 in Stained Glass


Photo: Getty Images

There’s news today of what must be a first in cathedral art: A Dutch bishop yesterday blessed a new stained-glass window for Sint Jan cathedral in Den Bosch, a city 50 miles south of Amsterdam, that includes a photographic image of an airplane headed into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. (Click here for a full image of the window.) “It was an assignment by the church to make a stained glass window that was related to the spirit of this time,” artist Marc Mulders said on his Website, where he explained that the pane represents hell on earth. We can understand that rationale, we guess, but we’re less convinced of its artistry. Looks like bad Hieronymus Bosch. —Tayt Harlin

9/11 Pane in Church Blessed [LAT]

9/11 in Stained Glass