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Private Equity Votes for Romney

• Investment bankers may be backing Barack Obama, but private equity is investing in Republican Mitt Romney’s future. [DealBook/NYT]
KKR’s Henry Kravis credits Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch with doing “extremely well” in buyouts but disses Goldman Sachs by omission. [Deal Journal/WSJ]
• Stephen S. Roach, Morgan Stanley’s chief economist, will take his dour views on the American economy to Hong Kong as the bank’s chairman of Asian operations. [NYT]

• Sorry, newspapers. The Web isn’t an unending source of revenue after all. Online ad growth is slowing. [WSJ]
• Dick Snyder, the former CEO of Simon & Schuster, is threatening to sue Edgar Bronfman Jr. for not compensating Snyder for work he did on the Warner Music acquisition. [NYP]
• Rich Little sucked the life out of the White House Correspondents Dinner, and Karl Rove had to sit at the New York Times table. [E&P]

• Did the naked Brooklyn Law student have someone tip off the Daily News on her behalf? [Above the Law]
• The bribery conviction of former Justice Gerald Garson opens the door to a judicial-corruption crackdown in Brooklyn. [NYLJ]
• Are young associates looking for feedback or praise from their partners? [Law Blog/WSJ]

• Increasing global wealth is pushing the luxury-watch market to new highs. [WWD]
• Georgio Armani actually said H&M treated its customers like “idiots,” not “schmucks” — translation error. [Fashion Inc./Portfolio]
• American Eagle Outfitters sues Payless for marketing its shoes as “American Eagle footwear.” [WWD via Racked]

Private Equity Votes for Romney