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Spitzer to Back Gay-Marriage Bill, Sort of


Candidate Spitzer at the Empire State Pride Agenda’s dinner last fall.Photo: Getty Images

Gubernatorial candidate Eliot Spitzer’s stand on gay marriage was clear and vocal: He was all for it. (Indeed, the Spitz was going to “force [it] down the throats of New Yorkers,” as overmatched challenger John Faso unfortunately phrased things.) But Governor Spitzer’s stand was less clear-cut; eyebrows raised when there was no mention of the issue in his first State of the State address. (“We had to prioritize,” was the curt word from Spitzer’s camp, “and this is how we prioritized.”) But now it appears the guv is playing a shrewd game. Four months and change into his term, he’s introducing legislation that would legalize same-sex marriage. As promised.

Except that he’s keeping his promise and not much more. He doesn’t appear to be planning any specific moves to lobby for the initiative, and both Shelly Silver and Joe Bruno are on record in opposition. (To push for his health-care reforms, by contrast, Spitzer spent his own money on TV ads, and you get the idea.) In other words, if anyone’s going to be forcing things down any throats, it looks like Spitzer’s gonna be on the receiving end of that one. Faso, no doubt, is repulsed.

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Spitzer to Back Gay-Marriage Bill, Sort of