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Sex Diaries: The Attached Villager

It’s the Sex and Love issue of New York this week, and for it six New Yorkers kept Sex Diaries that chronicled their sexual lives (or lack thereof) over a period of seven days. Daily Intel has even more diaries, and we’ll bring you a new one each day this week. Today, Jessica Delfino: 30, comedian and dirty folk rocker, East Village, straight and in a relationship.

Midnight: Reunited with boyfriend after he was out of town all week. Trade wet kisses.
12:30 a.m.: Boyfriend tells me we should go home and 69.
12:57 a.m.: Get fondled in the foyer, followed by some love pecks and pokes in the elevator. Steven Tyler would have been proud.
1:27 a.m.: Attack my boyfriend in bed wearing nothing but a softball jersey. He’s watching That ‘70s Show and isn’t responding.
1:32 a.m.: After five minutes of kissing him, he’s still not with the program. Warn him that I’m documenting our sex life. He calls me weird. He caresses my vagina and thighs between eating chocolate-covered raisins while he watches the show.
2:07 a.m.: Sex o’clock. We both win. Me first, as usual.

10:36 a.m.: My fondling fingers lead to morning sex.
4:15 p.m.: Hug boyfriend while he’s working on his computer. Fondle him.
4:36 p.m.: Take off clothes to get into shower. Catch my own reflection in the mirror and got horny.
10:56 p.m.: Boyfriend plants a wet, sloppy, prolonged kiss on me.
10:59 p.m.: Boyfriend pokes me discreetly through my jeans.
11:54 a.m.: At a belly-dancing party/show, a pretty slim girl all in white shakes me into aroused delight. But then the next girl dances and I don’t like her as much.

12:10 a.m.: See couple; woman lounging with her back to his front. Something about it gives me that old familiar crotch tingle.
1:38 a.m.: Boyfriend and I fondle, kiss, get into a fight.
2:05 p.m.: Pal tells me he made out with a friend of ours. His girlfriend put all his clothing in bags. I have a hard time being sympathetic.
6:50 p.m.: Get period. Think about how it would affect my sex life, wish I’d had sex this morning before the fight.
9:01 p.m.: Feel stomach cramps and wish again I’d had sex in the morning. Boyfriend would go through the red light, but I hate the hassle of it.

1:15 a.m.: Cuddle and kiss with boyfriend. I ask him to make love to me. He says “too tired.” I thought that was my line?
9:35 a.m.: Make up for prior eve’s sleepiness.

1:23 a.m.: Boyfriend is surfing PornoTube. Not sure why. He never watches porn, at least not around me. I’m watching over his shoulder as a white yuppy chick with pretty breasts plays with herself like she’s Sharon Stone. Boyfriend seems kind of interested. I ask him about it later; he says he thought her face was ugly. I love when guys say cute stuff like that!
9:35 p.m.: At a show, boyfriend and I are leaning against a wall listening to Mike Albo. Boyfriend rubs hands in my crotch subtly from behind me. I wish we could do it right there.

12:04 a.m.: Boyfriend and I hang out at one of our favorite secret kissing–slash–pot-smoking spots. Do both of those things.
2:48 a.m.: Hot sex. We float off to sleep entangled in each other’s arms.

12:05 a.m.: Go to the emergency room for bad neck and face pain from sinus infection. Hope I get a hot doctor. Don’t.
3:14 a.m.: Get home from emergency room and cuddle into bed with boyfriend. We snuggle like kittens into dreamland.
4:06 p.m.: Get naked and jump into shower. When I come out, boyfriend ogles me, but doesn’t pounce.
8:32 p.m.: Party in Brooklyn. Lots of cute college boys. One makes my heart dance. I completely ignore him.
11:59 p.m.: Sex journal is ending. Sad that Aunt Flow was in town and Aunt Nasal Infection, too. Not very sexy. But I somehow managed to get it on, regardless! Consider starting an ongoing sex journal on my blog.

TOTAL: Four acts of intercourse, five kisses, several states of arousal, and lots of fondling.

Sex and Love [NYM]

Sex Diaries: The Attached Villager