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‘Times’ Gay Mafia Underground Even to its Members

• Ben Brantley, identified by Out as part of the Times’s “gay mafia,” claims he didn’t even know some other colleagues listed were gay. The first rule of the gay mafia … [WWD]
• Ed Bradley wins a posthumous Peabody Award for his 60 Minutes pieces on the Duke rape case. [Peabody Awards]
• Larry King wants to keep going for another ten years and then pass his show along to Ryan Seacrest. At which point it might actually get softer. [NYT]

In more Gap news this week, Pheobe Philo is rumored to be the new creative director of the chain — but only in the UK. [Fashionista]
• Lindsay Lohan’s Miu Miu doll-like ads were such a hit that she’s signed up to be the face of Jill Stuart couture. [NYP]
• Prosecutors filed thirteen new charges against designer Anand Jon, bringing the total up to 32 felonies and misdemeanors. [Seattle Times]

• The state nearly doubled the budget for the Commission on Judicial Conduct, giving those corrupt town and village judges something to worry about. [NYT]
• New York State Supreme Court justice Marion McNulty was admonished for using her position to raise funds for charity, including soliciting donations from attorneys who appeared before her. [Fulton County Daily Report]
• Possible replacements for Alberto Gonzales include Larry Thompson and Paul Clement, but forget about James Comey. He’s just too good. [TNR via Above the Law]

• If Apollo Management goes through with a private placement of only 10 percent of its equity, founder Leon Black could make $750 million off the deal. [NYT and DealBreaker]
• The NYSE has yet to comply with rules that ensure all stock traders, from individuals to institutional, can execute transactions at the best price. [DealBreaker]
• After five years of flirting with buyers or investors, the American Stock Exchange is putting early hope in the Susquehanna Investment Group. [NYP]

‘Times’ Gay Mafia Underground Even to its Members