Your Chance to See a CBGB Wall! (But Why?)


CBGB’s bathroom walls, August 2005.Photo: Getty Images

Shattered by the ignominy that CBGB, having closed on the Bowery, will next year reopen in — of all places! — Las Vegas? We’ve got bad news for you, then: It gets much worse. We received this press release today:

From: [flack]

Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2007 11:39 AM

To: [Flack]

Subject: First Rock & Roll Theme Park to Obtain CBGB Wall


Hard Rock Park, the world’s first rock ‘n’ roll amusement park, is hitting the road, embarking on a six city tour designed to spread news of Myrtle Beach’s newest attraction….

Yeah, that’s right. For now, the only part of CBGB you can see is a wall, and the only way to see it is as a part of traveling amusement park headed for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We’d be indignant, except for one thing: We remember those walls, and we can’t imagine paying real money to go see ’em.

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Your Chance to See a CBGB Wall! (But Why?)