Adam Moss and his five new friends.Photo: Mark Von Holden/

We knew it was going to be a good night at the National Magazine Awards when we arrived for the cocktail hour at Jazz at Lincoln Center yesterday to find four or five full open bars — no white wine and Ellietinis only this year — and enough hors d’oeuvre to feed a Third World country (or, at least, Adam Platt). Still, we had no idea just how good. There were celebrities! (Presenters included John Waters, Carrie Fisher, Kevin Bacon, Aisha Tyler, the dude who founded Wikipedia.) There was creative math! (If last year was the 40th annual Ellies, how was this year’s the 42nd?) There was Champagne and dessert for everyone!

Oh, and there was also this: New York won five awards, more than any other magazine, and the most wins by one title since The New Yorker won five two years ago. We won Profile Writing, for Vanessa Grigoriadis’s “Boy Prince of Fashion,” about Karl Lagerfeld; Magazine Section, for the Strategist; Design; Interactive Feature, for’s Show & Talk fashion coverage; and the big one, General Excellence in our circulation class, for being generally excellent. “I’m sorry about this,” editor-in-chief Adam Moss said sheepishly as he reached the stage for the fourth time last night. He was also pretty happy, we think, and proud. As are all of us.

2007 National Magazine Award Winners Announced [ASME]