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But at Kelly Klein’s ‘Pools’ Party, People Stayed Dry


Balazs and Klein near, but not in, Hotel QT’s pool.Photo: Patrick McMullan

Speaking of parties and pools, last night was also the relaunch party for Kelly Klein’s coffee-table book Pools, a volume of photographs of, well, swimming pools. It was held, naturally, at midtown’s Hotel QT, where you can take a dip while drinking at the lobby bar. Some boldfacers came and promptly left (ahem, Anna Wintour and Calvin Klein) while other stuck around and talked about their most memorable pool moments. “I’ve actually jumped into this pool with a wig on,” André Balazs, who owns the hotel, told us. “I had my birthday party here last year, where everybody got an Afro wig, because it looked like the kind of hair I used to have in high school.” Olivia Chantecaille’s top moment was pet-oriented. “I trained my dog to retrieve a bone from the bottom of the pool,” she told us, assuring us the pooch is fine playing fetch without oxygen. Aerin Lauder, meantime, was in mommy mode. “You know what, one of my kids went to the bathroom in the pool,” she said. “It was a pee-pee, so it was okay. But a sopping-wet diaper in a pool is a disgusting thing.” And we were surprised no one else had Kelly Klein’s answer. What was her craziest pool behavior? She lowered her voice, winked, and said, “Um, I bleeped. A lot.” —Genevieve Leon

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But at Kelly Klein’s ‘Pools’ Party, People Stayed Dry