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Lohan, Larter Go Shopping for Free

Ali Larder and Hayden Panettiere

Ali Larder and Hayden Panettiere at the NBC Upfronts yesterday.Photo: Getty Images

This is Upfronts Week, the time of year when Hollywood TV stars must come to New York to schmooze with the advertisers who pay the bills. In exchange, the actors get a warm feeling of job security, and the chance to return to their hotels with mountains of swag courtesy of Lucky magazine’s annual “Lucky Club” Upfronts gifting suite at the Ritz Carlton.

Since NBC announced its fall schedule on Monday, its stars were the first to get a crack at the free stuff, proving there’s at least one advantage to being on the ratings-starved network. By 4 p.m., the skinny girls of the world, Heroes’ Hayden Panettiere among them, had cleaned out the True Religion booth of size 24 and 25 jeans. (Panettiere, for the record, is size 24 but refused to let anyone at the Cosabella booth measure her bra size, insisting, “I know what it is.”) We can’t wait for the limited-edition-jeans catfight when the women of Desperate Housewives come through today.

A source tells us there was a disturbingly icy moment between scandal-prone Lindsay Lohan, who said she’d just come back from the Bahamas and had had a “really rough weekend,” and Heroes’ Ali Larter. Lohan had breezed in to “shop” for her mother and brother and left with five pairs of Luxotica sunglasses and $8,000 worth of Lia Sophia jewelry. Five people had to carry her haul. As she and her posse were getting into the elevator, she ran into Larter, who said hi and then immediately exited the elevator rather than ride down the rest of the way with Lohan. We’re going back to today to find out what happened. —Jada Yuan

Lohan, Larter Go Shopping for Free