No Olympics, But Maybe the X Games?

Bike Trail

Testing the new mountain-bike trail in Highbridge Park.Photo: CLIMB/NYMTC via NYC Park Commission

Not content to sprinkle skate parks amid its acreage, the city will open its first BMX and mountain-bike trail this Saturday in Washington Heights’s Highbridge Park. The three miles of trail includes jumps and a BMX track and will give cyclists a legal place to ride. “We had had mountain bikers riding through historic landscapes, so we had to criminalize it,” says Parks Commission Adrian Benepe. “This was a way to come up with a positive use for a remote area of the park.” The New York City Mountain Bike Association supported the trail with money and volunteers, and the commissioner hopes the peer endorsement will keep kids from turfing the city’s lawn. —Alec Appelbaum

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No Olympics, But Maybe the X Games?