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Private-Equity End-Time Is Near!

• The big private-equity guns are sounding warning shots of a bubble. Henry Kravis and David Rubenstein believe the good days are waning. [WSJ]
• Despite the bullish market, Goldman Sachs initiated a “pause” in hiring. Is an industry-wide freeze likely to follow? [Breaking Views via DealBreaker]
• Wall Street firms are having trouble keeping analysts because the work is boring and the pay better elsewhere. [NYS]

NBC fired entertainment chief Kevin Reilly just three months after extending his contract for three years. Ben Silverman, responsible for hits like The Office and The Biggest Loser, will likely take his place. [NYT]
• Just in time for The Sopranos finale, a new magazine called Mob Candy. [Radar]
• Tina Brown misses being a journalist and has lots of story ideas. [The Observer via Romenesko]

• Ex–Brooklyn judge Reynold Mason was arrested for failing to pay more than $250,000 in child support. [AP via]
• Attorney who defended himself pro se against the IRS is awarded fees but not as much as he would like. [New York Law Journal]
• New York loudmouth lawyer Bruce Cutler has been muzzled as part of Phil Spector’s legal dream team. [NYP]

• Dressing film stars for the red carpet now falls second to getting them to wear your clothes onscreen. [IHT]
• Fergie may be a guest judge on Project Runway. [Fashionista]

Private-Equity End-Time Is Near!