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Stella McCartney Has Something Up Her Ecofriendly Sleeve


McCartney meeting her fans yesterday.Photo: Kendall Herbst

Stella McCartney popped by Bergdorf Goodman yesterday afternoon, peddling her new fall line to the adoring, middle-aged crowd mobbing the third floor. The collection, in typical Stella form, gave a nod to the environment: Polar-bear sweaters and oversize knit coats are her alternative to glamorous fur toppers. “I think it’s important to stress that you don’t have to be 100 percent perfect,” McCartney said of the fashion industry’s recent moves toward greenness. “Every little bit helps. We try to do what we can.” One way: She’s offering a new vegan cosmetics line, which she coyly whispered is now available now at Barneys and Sephora.

Speaking of the planet, any geographic moves coming? McCartney’s fellow Brit Luella Bartley’s just announced she’s moving her September show from New York to London; would Stella follow suit? “I would consider it, obviously,” she said. “But I’ve always shown in Paris. I’ve never shown anywhere else, so it’s kind of my little good-luck-charm city.” But Paul’s little girl hasn’t forsaken England. “I’m doing an event in London this season for the first time,” she told us. “But it’s a secret event.” We got nothing more out of her. —Kendall Herbst

Stella McCartney Has Something Up Her Ecofriendly Sleeve