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‘Times’ Couplets: Watch Where You’re Going!

Wherein we arrange Times’ headlines in verse to bring you secret messages from the paper of record.

The Troubles: A Walking Tour

No Sleep Is Part of the Ordeal.
Passing Mile Markers, Snapping Pictures

Woman Falls Through Sidewalk Grate.
Going Like 60 (Tick Tick Tick)

The Suns Forge Ahead Without Stopping for Pity.
Rescuers Try to Lure Lost Whales With Sound.

5-Year-Old Marathoner to Walk 300 Miles
Not for Kids Only, Seeking Buccaneer Bliss.

A Long Road Ahead,
The Last Eden. Paradise Preserved — in a Restless Continent.

Lizzie Skurnick

‘Times’ Couplets: Watch Where You’re Going!