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Today in Swag: Anne Heche Gives Lessons; Josh Holloway Matches


Anne Heche and James Tupper at ABC’s upfront, sans swag.Photo: Getty Images

The upfronts continue, and so, naturally, does the swag. In our final report from the front lines of celebrities getting stuff they could easily pay for themselves, we’ve got a little news from Tuesday and some shocking scoops from yesterday.

Apparently part of being an actor in a relationship with a much more famous and well-established actor is getting lessons on how to pose with swag. On Tuesday at Lucky magazine’s gifting suite, our spy spotted Anne Heche giving advice on gifting etiquette to her beau and co-star, James Tupper (you know, the one she left her husband for while he was concurrently leaving his wife for her). “No, honey,” she was overheard saying, “hold the [insert product name here] up higher.” Wednesday, Lost’s Josh Holloway came in with his wife, and — no kidding — they picked up matching True Religion jeans. Thankfully, they live in Hawaii, where we guess photographers don’t, because that would totally be on Us Weekly’s “Who Wore It Best” page in a second. Debra Messing stopped by with her son to look at Lia Sophia jewelry, which is offered exclusively at the suite, and while shopping for cotton sweaters from Milk, revealed to the world the shocking secret that she is allergic to wool. Kristin Chenoweth walked out wearing more Lia Sophia jewelry than Mr. T on a no-frills day, but Kelsey Grammer apparently loves swag more than anyone else. After cleaning up on Monday, he brought his whole family back today to snag a pair of Prada Luna Rossa sunglasses for their preteen daughter. It was the same pair that Hayden Panettiere picked up earlier this week. Hey, Us: It’s another “Who Wore It Best”! —Jada Yuan

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Today in Swag: Anne Heche Gives Lessons; Josh Holloway Matches