company town

Welcome, Topshop!

• It’s official: Topshop is officially coming to New York. The Brit retailer is planning three outposts in Manhattan. [Racked]
• Kate Moss reportedly saved Lily Allen from a beatdown at the Glastonbury festival. [Daily Mail]
• Will Valentino finally choose a successor for his label? [British Vogue]

• The Bancroft family is split on whether to meet face-to-face with Rupert Murdoch. Some want to hear him out; others insist they wouldn’t sell Dow Jones to News Corp. for $100 a share. [FT via MSN]
• Imus producer Bernard McGuirk continues to not do himself any favors by calling the Reverend Al Sharpton a “race-baiter” during a Fox News appearance. [AP via Yahoo!]
CBS Radio lost another program this weekend when it killed “The Dog House With JV and Elvis” after the creative hosts prank called a Chinese restaurant and spoke in hilarious accents. [NYDN]

• After axing more than half of their NYSE specialists, brokerages are racing to slash trading-floor staffs even further. [NYP]
• The former CFO of the Times is joining Veronis Suhler Stevenson, an investment firm that focuses on media properties. [NYP]

• Law students look for meaning and better hours this summer by turning down associate jobs at big firms. [National Law Journal]
• Two U.S. attorneys from the Southern District of New York, Michael Purpura and William Burck, joined the White House Counsel’s office. [Legal Times]

Welcome, Topshop!