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Will Imus Return?

• Is Imus’s planned $200 million lawsuit a ploy to get back on the air? [NYP]
• The final bids for Dennis Publishing are due next week, and it’s shaping up as a showdown between Kent Brownridge and Ron Burkle. [AdAge]
• Jeff Bridges will play Graydon Carter in the film version of How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. [WWD]

• Paul Wolfowitz agreed to resign from the World Bank effective June 30. In return, everyone will pretend he acted ethically when he oversaw his girlfriend’s pay package. [NYT]
• Russia is seeking $23 billion in damages from the Bank of New York. The bank already paid the $38 million to resolve the case, which stems from billions laundered by a London couple in the nineties. [NYT]
• Bank of America is apparently paying eighteen analyst recruits $50,000 to wait around a year until office space opens up. [DealBreaker]

• What happened to the lawyers who used to work for Eliot Spitzer? They’re making the big bucks as big law partners — except for the guy running the New York State Dormitory Authority. Him, not so much. [NYT]
• Four associates at Cahill Gordon were made partner a couple of years early to keep them from leaving for investment banks. [Above the Law]
• Gera Grinberg, the S&C associate whose relationship with Aaron Charney one partner deemed “unnatural,” is rumored to be back at work after a lengthy leave from the firm. [Above the Law]

• Bond No. 9 is creating two new fragrances for Saks Fifth Avenue. [Fashion Week Daily]
• Alice Temperley’s Target collection previews and thus far is a hit. [Flypaper]
• Pepsi’s new skin-care product to hit shelves in August. [Fashionista]

Will Imus Return?