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Yahoo Still Not Google

Matt Dillon

Matt Dillon shills for the environment.Photo: Getty Images

New rule: From now on, declaring that you’re taking your mansion green is simply not enough to get you into the news. You know it’s been done when both Eliot Spitzer and Adrian Grenier brag about it. However, if you do something like, say, donate a fleet of free hybrid taxicabs to New York City, like Yahoo Inc. just did — well, that’s a different story. We’re willing to overlook the fact that the taxis in question are sporting Yahoo’s giant logo. We’re pleased with the 150,000 energy-efficient florescent lightbulbs Yahoo is distributing in Times Square, even though it’s weird that Matt Dillon is handing them out. But instead of being so impressed by Yahoo, we’re left wondering, So what’s Google going to do?

Yahoo Puts Marketing Muscle Into Climate Campaign [Yahoo News]

Yahoo Still Not Google