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Bill and Hill: They’re Rich (and a Little Bit Tacky)


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Bill and Hillary Clinton — who famously didn’t even own a home when they moved into the White House — now have assets someplace between $10 and $50 million, according to Senate financial-disclosure forms released today. Even better: Last year alone, Bill earned more than $10 million giving speeches. The report lists a whole bunch of talks given for hundreds of thousands of dollars a pop, including one of our favorites, a quick jaunt through Australia and New Zealand last year that netted a cool $750,000 for those three days away from Chappaqua. But here’s the best one: The disclosure form lists a speech to a Hong Kong investment bank on September 11, 2006, the fifth anniversary of the attacks. The former-president’s spokesman, Jay Carson, clarifies that the speech was actually a teleconference — which means it was only September 10 in New York, where Clinton was actually speaking. It also means Clinton earned $100,000 without even leaving the house. “The vast majority of speeches were given in person,” Carson assures us. —Geoffrey Gray

U.S. Senate Financial Disclosure Report: Hillary Rodham Clinton [PDF]

Bill and Hill: They’re Rich (and a Little Bit Tacky)