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Do You Hate David Chase?

We learn fascinating things about ourselves from the Post. Take this morning, for example. We were under the impression we’d liked the Sopranos finale. Quite a lot, actually. We knew different people had different feelings, but we don’t remember talking to anyone who hated it. But the Post informed us that we were wrong. “Sopranos fans,” today’s cover told us, are “out for blood.” Apparently we are furious. “‘Sopranos’ fans seething over the series’ finale flop called for one more person to be whacked yesterday — creator David Chase,” began the article. We had no idea. And so we took to the streets of Manhattan — well, to the stretch of Madison outside the office — to find out if people were actually so angry. Based on the evidence, we’re going to have to say that, no, they’re not. Questions and tallies after the jump.

Did you like or dislike the ending?
Liked: 13; disliked: 7

Do you think Tony lived or died?
Lived: 10; died: 3; undecided: 7

The Post says Sopranos fans are “out for blood” over the ending. Are you out for blood?
Yes: 2; no: 18

Sopranos Snit Hits the Fans [NYP]

Do You Hate David Chase?