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Dow Jones, Murdoch Reach Deal (Sort of, Probably)


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Dow Jones and News Corporation have reached a deal on editorial independence! Huzzah! Now the deal can go forward, and the Bancrofts can get their money, and Murdoch can get his newspaper, and the august traditions of the Wall Street Journal can be protected! So how did it all happen? Um, dunno. It’s the top story on the Journal’s site and one of the top stories on Times’ site, but, actually, no one knows what the deal was — Murdoch dismissed the last Bancroft proposal — whether it’s got more teeth than Murdoch’s London Times deal, whether the Bancrofts will actually accept it, whether Murdoch will sweeten his bid, or, well, just about anything else. But, hey, let’s not get caught up in such trivialities. Congrats, Rupert.

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Dow Jones, Murdoch Reach Deal (Sort of, Probably)