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Eliot Spitzer, Spliffroller


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It seems like only yesterday Governor Spitzer was against legalizing medical marijuana. Granted, we were a bit puzzled as to why. As New York’s Geoffrey Gray reported last summer, candidate Spitzer’s campaign staff had long been in talks with the pro-ganja lobby, and the man himself isn’t a stranger to the substance. (He has fessed up to smoking while a student at Princeton, “with pride, at the time.”) Now that even the stodgy Connecticut legislature is hip to palliative pot, however, Spitzer’s making another about-face: Word is he might be signing legalizing legislation within the next two weeks. Getting the bill through the State Senate should be a breeze — even Joe Bruno, who’s a cancer survivor, supports it. But what’s with the indecisiveness, the lack of focus, the erratic lurches from pragmatism to paranoia and back? This is not like our Eliot at all. Hell, if we didn’t know any better…

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Eliot Spitzer, Spliffroller