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If You’ve Been Injured by a Man With Tuberculosis …

• So the guy with the dangerous strain of tuberculosis (now quarantined in Colorado) is, naturally, a personal-injury lawyer. [Law Blog/WSJ]
• An in-house lawyer at G.E. sued the company for gender discrimination but worries she won’t find many plaintiffs to join her in a class action. [NYT]
• Though William Lerach was never indicted as part of the Millberg Weiss kickback case, he is considering leaving his own securities firm. [NYT]

• An overtired, self-important first-year analyst picks a fight with a senior colleague over e-mail. And then, of course, it was forwarded all over Wall Street. [DealBreaker]
• Lehman got rid of its last six floor brokers at the NYSE. Will Jeffries Execution Services be next to go? [NYP]
• Midsize brokerage firms are ripe for acquisitions. Look out, Stifel Financial, Raymond James Financial, and Charles Schwab. [DealBook/NYT]

• The Bancroft family agreed to meet with Rupert Murdoch and said it would consider selling Dow Jones after more than 100 years of ownership. [NYT]
• Looks like Quadrangle Partners will buy Dennis Publishing. Rumors suggest Maxim editor-in-chief Jimmy Jellinek should look for a new gig. [Radar Online]
• An amNewYork distributor sued the Tribune Company yesterday for failure to pay minimum wage or overtime. [Reuters via Yahoo]

• Nick Knight has shot a short film starring Agyness Deyn that’ll screen at the CFDA awards Monday night. [British Vogue]
• Sears steals designs from Threadless? [Unbeige/]
• The Olsen twins have a new line, named after their younger siblings Elizabeth and James. [Downtown Darling]

If You’ve Been Injured by a Man With Tuberculosis …