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Inside the Chelsea: The Sun Through Yellow Curtains


The bay window in Madonna’s room.Photos: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images

We read all about the Chelsea Hotel, and we walk past the hulking building on West 23rd Street from time to time, and we’ve always been vaguely curious about what the place looks like inside. (Not curious enough to actually walk in the door, mind you. But curious.) Apparently we’re not the only ones: Agence France-Presse obliges today with a handful of interior shots of the storied building, pegged, obviously, to the hotel’s recent de-Bardification. Above, what was Madonna’s room when she first came to New York in the early eighties. After the jump, a few others.


Another shot of Madonna’s room.


Another room.


The lobby.


Stanley Bard’s office.

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Inside the Chelsea: The Sun Through Yellow Curtains