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London Bomb Plot Foiled, Mildly Terrifying


Photo: Getty Images

We’ve been avoiding reading the article about the foiled bomb plot in London, because we suspected we’d find it troubling. We finally read it, and we did. A car packed with gasoline and nails was left parked in the West End, London’s theater district. (It was even, you’ll note from one of the pictures on the Times site, parked in front of a restaurant called Angus. No offense, Mr. McIndoe, but we’re now thinking tonight’s a Joe Allen night.) It was found not by cops who suspected something was afoot; rather, ambulance workers, en route to aid a sick nightclub patron, happened to notice smoke inside the car and alerted police. “There could have been significant injury or loss of life,” Britain’s top counterterrorism official said, because the bomb was in a busy entertainment district. Oh, and there was no prior intelligence about this; no “chatter” or whatever. See? It’s scary — and also sort of a Giuliani campaign ad.

Explosive Device Found in London, Police Say [NYT]

London Bomb Plot Foiled, Mildly Terrifying