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On Martina, Sheep, Ferrets, and Fruit Flies

We can’t claim to be one of those savants who has read every article published in every issue of New York since Clay Felker midwifed the thing into existence back in 1968. Even so, we have a hard time believing we could ever find a more favorite sentence in those back issues than this one, from this week’s “The Science of Gaydar”:

Late last year, Martina Navratilova joined activists to speak out against an experiment that sought to intentionally turn sheep gay (it failed, but another experiment successfully turned ferrets into homosexuals, and the sexual orientations of fruit flies have been switched in laboratories).

If you need us, we’ll be working on our gay-ferret jokes.

The Science of Gaydar [NYM]

On Martina, Sheep, Ferrets, and Fruit Flies