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On the Hunt for J-Vanka at the Whitney Party: Success!


Jared and Ivanka last night: No two-shots!Photos: Getty Images

The world still wonders: Are Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump dating? And so New York’s Party Lines team remains on the case, tracking J-Vanka through high-profile parties, looking for signs. At last night’s Whitney Art Party in Tribeca, our reporter picked up the scent. What did he find? The short version: They were talking and standing near each other; they left together and were last seen hopping into a chauffeured car and speeding off. The long version, full of detective work, time stamps, evasions, and rediscoveries: It’s after the jump (and sort of pruriently delicious).

Ivanka arrived wearing a little black dress that she said was vintage. She posed for photos and headed inside. Fifteen minutes later, the Kush arrived, wearing a blue blazer, white shirt open at the neck, and loosened tie. Tight black jeans, too, and driving mocs with no socks. A publicist walked him in front of the backdrop to pose for photos. He went on into the party.

A while later, I found the VIP area, where reporters from the celebrity weeklies were studying Kate Bosworth to see if she interacted with food in any way. It dawned on me that I didn’t see Ivanka or Jared in the VIP area. Did they leave?

I finally found them in the silent-auction section just before 11 p.m. They were standing with other people, chatting but not touching. Different people came over and talked with them, but Jared and Ivanka never left each other’s side for the rest of the evening. They moved to another side of the room. A Patrick McMullan photog approached them and left without shooting; he later told me they insisted no photos be taken.

J-Vanka headed off across the space. I followed; someone stopped to say something to me, and when I turned back, they were gone. The security guard at the back door assured me that no one had gone out. I made my way through the crowd and eventually spotted them again. They hung out for a while — he was drinking beer, she had one of the tall, red drinks. They made no indication that they were leaving any time soon. They talked to people and to each other, and only once did she grab his arm for a moment.


Bennett Marcus

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On the Hunt for J-Vanka at the Whitney Party: Success!