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Only Larry King Will Have Paris

• Larry King will get the Paris Hilton interview. No money changed hands, but neither will any significant questions. [TMZ via]
• News Corp. and Dow Jones are close to terms for maintaining the Journal’s newsroom independence in the event of a takeover. [NYT]
• Jason Binn will merge Niche Media (Gotham) with Greenspun Media Group (Vegas). New company has sixteen titles and expected revenues of over $300 million. [NYT]

• Got at least $25,000? Then perhaps you too can have lunch with Warren Buffet. [eBay via DealBreaker]
• If you’re summer recreation budget includes $446,000 for a yacht rental, you’re probably a hedge-fund manager. [Forbes]
• Private equity is nearing a cyclical high, so look for fewer buyouts. [Bloomberg via Deal Journal/WSJ]

• Governor Eliot Spitzer rebukes judges for threatening to sue the government over pay raises. [New York Law Journal]
• Harvard Law students form an organization called One Day’s Work and encourage other summers to donate one day’s pay to charity. [Above the Law]
• Big firms are trying to retain women as partners but are losing them to positions with better schedules. []

• Fashion Group International is bestowing Jean Paul Gaultier with the Superstar Award. [British Vogue]
• Elite Models is coming out with its own line of hairstyling tools to be sold at Sears. [Fashionista]
• Thomas Pink opens up on Wall Street. [Fashion Week Daily]

Only Larry King Will Have Paris