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Rihanna the Only Must at ‘EW’ Event


Rihanna at last night’s EW Must List partyPhotos: Getty Images

We’ve rarely seen product whoring as skillfully integrated with event design as it was at last night’s Entertainment Weekly “Must List” party. Some of the décor didn’t quite make sense, like the two lifeguard booths smack in the middle of Gotham Hall. There was a giant sculpture of the number 25, which we later discovered was made of Diet Coke bottles. (You’d think Coke was having an anniversary or something.) And Garnier Fructis was in charge of the margaritas, which not only looked like shampoo but kind of tasted like it, too.

The crowd was so borderline D-list that we had to ask our fellow red carpeteers (several times) who everyone was. And when the girls from Us don’t know who’s coming down the line, you know it’s bad. On the good end, there was Rihanna, Amerie, Adam Beach, Ice-T, and Alan Cumming, who admitted to having come for the gift bag. “I re-gift, in a very Robin Hood–like way,” he said. “I’m always saying things to my friends like, ‘What would you like for your birthday? How about an espresso maker? Because I’ve got four!’” On the bad end, there were American Idol rejects we can’t bring ourselves to name or care about. But a hot performance by Rihanna redeemed the night. We exited with best song ever — “Umbrella” — ringing in our heads. And some free shampoo. —Jada Yuan

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Rihanna the Only Must at ‘EW’ Event