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Rudy Booted From Iraq Panel for Cutting Class


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Sometimes the irony’s so rich you could feed a Third World country with it. Rudy Giuliani, whose presidential campaign boils down to “Elect me or perish in a mega-9/11,” has been booted off the Iraq Study Group, essentially forfeiting his one chance to amass real foreign-policy credentials in the run-up to 2008. The reason? Truancy. In 2006, Giuliani didn’t bother to show up to a single meeting of the panel. And why’s that? “Previous time commitments” — to paid speaking engagements. So while America’s Mayor won’t be getting his $50 from Bloomberg for exemplary attendance, the $1.7 million he brought in during his last month on the panel should alleviate the pain somewhat.

Rudy Missing in Action for Iraq Panel [amNY]

Rudy Booted From Iraq Panel for Cutting Class