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Run, Bloomie, Run!


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Today’s papers struggle to find an angle on Bloomberg’s possible presidential run — or, that is, to limit themselves to just one angle from a sudden cornucopia. Some of our favorite scenarios the papers consider:

1. It’s Rudy vs. Mike! The two nominal friends (Giuliani half-heartedly endorsed Bloomberg in 2001, Bloomberg officiated at the Giuliani-Nathan nuptials) actually can’t stand each other, but they won’t disparage each other in the press. The worst Giuliani mustered yesterday was “I am disappointed that he left the Republican Party.” So imagine how much pent-up bile will come gushing out of both, especially Rudy, if these two ever face off in a debate. Fun!

2. It’s Hillary vs. Mike! Steven Rattner and Alan Patricof, Clinton’s fund-raisers, are friends of Bloomberg’s and aided his reelection. His candidacy wouldn’t just siphon off Democratic votes; it might poke serious holes in Team Hillary.

3. It’s nobody vs. Mike! He’s a pragmatist and won’t run unless he can win — which he can’t. While Bloomberg is being remarkably coy and lawyered about running in general, he has been more than candid about his disgust at the prospect of going down in history as a spoiler. And also about the fact he’s a short Jew.

4. It’s Hillary vs. Rudy vs. Mike! A crazy idea, yes, but so much fun to contemplate. There now exists the remote but exhilarating possibility of a general election where the country is asked to choose between an ex–New York City mayor, a current New York City mayor, and a New York senator: a 2008 Subway Series. In that case, whoever wins, for the next four years the oft-slighted NYC gets to lord it over the vast landmass to our left — like we always secretly wanted to. This might be our favorite option.

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Run, Bloomie, Run!