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Rupert Murdoch, Briefly


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The Times’ front-page, 3,900–word, reportedly Jill Abramson-edited investigation of Rupert Murdoch in ten sentences, thanks to Microsoft Word’s AutoSummary:

Mr. Murdoch’s Fox stations reached nearly 39 percent, meaning he would have to sell some.

A strike force of Mr. Murdoch’s lobbyists joined other media companies in working on the issue. It turns out he had a business connection to Mr. Murdoch. Political Relations

Over time, Mr. Murdoch has shown an ability to adapt to changing political winds. Mr. Murdoch’s trajectory in the United States has been similar. Mr. Chernin and Mr. Murdoch publicly denied making the threat.

Media Ownership Rules

It was a fortunate time for Mr. Murdoch, whose business interests and political ideology were in ascendancy.

Don’t worry: The full version doesn’t contain anything new about the guy, either.

Murdoch Reaches Out for Even More [NYT]

Rupert Murdoch, Briefly