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Spitzer Nostalgic for Misty Watercolor Days of Steamrolling


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Remember “On Day One, everything changes”? Or “I am a fucking steamroller”? Or “Push too hard and we’ll push back”? Halcyon days, all of them! How young we were! As the legislative session draws to a close — there are two weeks left — the Times’ Empire Zone blog catches Eliot Spitzer in an unusually wistful mood. “In an ideal world,” admits the guv, “I’d like to have a repeat of January and February.” Instead, the Albany he set out to revolutionize has backslid into its usual pattern: It will either approve a heap of unrelated issues in one sitting and call it a year, or it won’t. It’s the sort of thing to depress a steamroller. Which is why, perhaps, it’s telling that the governor’s schedule for tonight includes a stop at Joe Bruno’s horse farm for dinner. Could the Spitz want to make nice with those he pissed off, so as to get things done? Maybe. But we hope they’re just going to re-create the spirit of late January by yelling at each other across the table.

As Legislative Session Wanes, So Does Leaders’ Momentum [NYT]

Spitzer Nostalgic for Misty Watercolor Days of Steamrolling