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The Newlywed Game With Claire and Hugh (Who Are Not Newly Wed)


Dancy and Danes earlier this month.Photo: Getty Images

Many of the promised celebs didn’t turn up last night for Afghan Hands launch party, celebrating the outreach charity for Afghan widows founded by celebrity makeup artist (and native Afghan) Matin Maulawizada. (Classy, folks!) But the “It”-ish couple Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy were there, looking gorgeous and gamely — and separately — answering our impertinent questions. How did their responses match up? It’s the Daily Intel Party Lines Q&A Newlywed Game! (Not that they’re newly wed, or even engaged, or anything close.)

You guys just got back from Hawaii. How was it?
Danes: Lots of fun. I’m the most boring person ever. Sat on the beach, jumped in the water…
Dancy: It was amazing. We didn’t do very much. Actually we were very active. I’m not very good at staying still for very long in one place. We scuba-dived, we surfed. It was my first time scuba-diving. I got certified. First time for surfing too. I’m not very Hawaii-qualified.

We’re surrounded here by handmade scarves. Are you a craftsy person?
Danes: I am a seriously craftsy person. I’m known for my crafts parties. I went through a period of painting underwear. This was in college, when you do those sorts of things. I’d just wear it, quietly but proudly.
Dancy: I’m more of a drawing guy actually. But I’m not very good at it.

So, iPhones…
Danes: Well, I want one, but how could I not, in this climate? But I’m just going to wait for the next generation.
Dancy: I’m one of those cautious gadget people that will wait. I read the reviews, get really worked up about it, and then I wait for somebody else to make the big purchase.

Got big July 4 plans?
Danes: I’m going to Rome, actually. Very unpatriotic of me, I know. Catching fireflies was always the thing to do on the Fourth of July for me.
Dancy: I’ll be in Rome. I’ve always missed July 4. There’s no shortage of holidays to celebrate in America. Once you’ve gone through one or two, you get the general impression. —Justin Ravitz

The Newlywed Game With Claire and Hugh (Who Are Not Newly Wed)