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The Randy Opera Singer

Once a week, Daily Intel takes a peek at what your friends and neighbors are doing behind doors left slightly ajar. Today, the Randy Opera Singer: female, 35, Upper West Side, married, and polyamorous.

9:30 a.m.: Got up briefly, went back to bed and spooned up against my husband’s back, pressing up against him naked. Started feeling horny but still sleepy.
10 a.m.: Hubby rolled over on his back. I grabbed his morning stiffy; unfortunately, no time for sex because I had an audition. So I masturbated, trying not to wake him up.
1:30 p.m.: Admired a cute ass in jeans on the subway.
6:00 p.m.: Sent my boyfriend a text message telling him that I can’t wait to satisfy all his pent-up desires when he returns in a few days. He’s been gone a while.
6:30 p.m.: Told my husband he should surprise me sometime in his hot pants. I nuzzled, kissed, and licked his neck.
10:55 p.m.: Chatted with a platonic friend who is into BDSM and asked him why he wasn’t out at a dungeon. I told him how excited I am to have my boyfriend — who will be very horny after a month without sex — return.
1:30 a.m.: Another text message to the boyfriend.

9:30 a.m.: More naked spooning with hubby.
11:00 a.m.: Got a note from this sexy man on the West Coast I’ve been lightly flirting with on the Web just for fun, wondering when I’m going to put up more photos. Put up more photos of me in a couple of fun sexy costumes.
5:30 p.m.: Hubby grabbed me in kitchen and kissed me ravenously while sticking his hand down the back of my pants and pressing his (increasingly hard) crotch up against me — yum! Unfortunately we had to work on our now-late taxes, so we couldn’t follow up on that. Sigh.
1:30 a.m.: Crawled naked into bed with hubby, as I leaned over him to turn off the light, he began kneading my breasts; fondled each other as we were falling asleep. Too sleepy for sex!

8:00 a.m.: More naked spooning and fondling.
8:45 a.m.: Our usual shower together, soaping and scrubbing each other’s back. I soaped up and caressed his cock and balls for a moment.
11:00 a.m.: At work, writing this diary, and fantasizing about seeing my boyfriend when he gets back. He’s now been delayed two more days. Wah!
7:30 p.m.: At a gathering for people in open relationships. Lots of discussions of how to make open relationships work. Also lots of flirting, kissing (two men, one of them my husband, and three women), and light fondling (two men and two women), all with clothes on and in public.
10:30 p.m.: Met the young partner of a much older sex expert, Brian, who was handing out his card. Apparently he has made it his mission to learn how to please women in bed and seemed to be offering his expertise to some, including me. Discussion with said sex apprentice and two other women friends about female masturbation, both alone and incorporating it as part of sex.
12:30 a.m.: A woman I know told me she was desperate to get laid after a recent breakup. I said my husband was also just over a breakup and therefore available. She said “I’d do him.” They set up a date for some no-pressure fun.

11:00 a.m.: Horny as heck and wishing I had time to masturbate. Hubby and I really have to stop staying out with friends so late so we can have time to have sex!
11:10 a.m.: Couldn’t stand it so I whipped out my bullet vibrator for a quick orgasm; much needed.
8:00 p.m.: Taxes. Apparently they’re not a turn-on for me.

7:30 a.m.: Hubby woke me up by sucking on my nipple.
7:45 a.m.: Went into bathroom, saw hubby standing there with a hard-on. I sucked on his cock while I was on the toilet.
8:00 a.m.: Pushed hubby into bedroom, threw him on the bed, and fucked him. Nine minutes — a real quickie for us!
8:15 a.m.: Borrowed hubby’s beard trimmer to trim my pubic hair in preparation for (hopefully!) a date with my BF after his long absence.
1:30 p.m.: Boyfriend finally landed in NYC! Heart started pounding and my nether regions got all tingly when I received his text message. God, I hope I get to see him tonight.
7:20 p.m.: Finally found out I can go see my boyfriend — so excited!
8:40 p.m.: I walked in the door of my very jet-lagged boyfriend’s bedroom. He was fast asleep. I leaned over him to kiss him hello after a month apart, and even half asleep his hands immediately started seeking out a patch of bare skin to caress.
8:50 p.m.: Boyfriend brought me to orgasm by going down on me. That
has to be a record: TEN minutes from entering the door to an orgasm. The passionate, “I haven’t seen you in a month” sex.
3:00 a.m.: Wide-awake jet-lagged boyfriend started fondling me and succeeded in rousing me enough for another round. :-)

8:30 a.m.: Showered together with boyfriend, scrubbing each other’s back.
10:30 a.m.: Hubby called; he had a date over while I was gone! But I couldn’t really talk.
1:00 p.m.: Called hubby to ask about his hot date; it was the girl I connected him with on Monday. I told him some of the steamy details of my date, but he was at work so he will have to tell me more details later. But I learned enough to know that he had quite a night.
3:15 p.m.: Received an e-mail from a female friend from Monday night, telling me how flattered she was that I kissed her, knowing that I don’t often kiss girls.
12:15 a.m.: Hubby crawled into bed with me, asked me to cuddle up with him. Told me that as much as he loves getting to be with other fun and exciting women, it actually kinda makes him miss me.

10:30 a.m. Received e-mail back from Brian from four nights ago. He told me how much he enjoyed feeling my hands on his ass that night and that he would like to get to know me better as well. Hmmm. Not sure about this one…
5:00 p.m.: Asked my boyfriend what he would like me to wear for our date tonight; he actually had a response other than “nothing” or “lingerie.” I was impressed.
8:15 p.m.: Boyfriend came over from his side of the table at the bar we were at and kissed me, said “put a couple of glasses of wine in me and I lose all sense of decorum.” Not exactly a problem for me.
11:45 p.m.: Sad because boyfriend is completely jet-lagged and dead asleep in my bed, and I am here typing on my computer. Was hoping for one more sex entry before the diary expired.

6:00 a.m.: My wide-awake jet-lagged boyfriend made love to me. Most delightful.

Total: Two acts of masturbation; two acts of oral sex (one given, one received); excessive spooning, fondling, and cuddling, both clothed and unclothed; three acts of intercourse.

The Randy Opera Singer