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Duck Man, RFK Jr., Boldfacers Go Green at Theory


Duck Man and his friend Sarma.Photo: Patrick McMullan

When we heard there’d be a “bazaar” to celebrate the green lifestyle at the new Theory store on Gansevoort Street, we hoped to find a carnival-esque atmosphere. Pin the Tail on the Kyoto Treaty. Bobbing for litter. Al Gore in a dunk tank. We were disappointed.
Though the vegan, soy-and-dairy-free ice cream from Pure Food and Wine was divine, the party the other night felt, well, earthly – packed, as most parties are, with a bunch of people standing around and drinking. And listening. There’s no surer way to kill a buzz than a long and impassioned lecture from Robert Kennedy Jr. linking our failure to combat global warming to a failure in national security.

He had a point, and it was interestingly made, but we found ourselves oddly fixated on the very specific numbers he gave for his gas consumption with a minivan ($2,200 per year) and with a Prius ($1,000 per year). Who keeps those kinds of receipts? Model Karen Elson, hot off a night at the CFDAs, showed up, embarrassed to see us so soon again: “God, I look like I’d go to the opening of an envelope this week,” she apologized. “But this is important.” The only person who seemed to have the theme right was Nick Ross, a.k.a. Duck Man, who was wandering around in a yellow unitard with a bright-green cape and aviator sunglasses. He’d come to advertise, an online business promoting the organic lifestyle, but he admitted he often wears the suit for personal enjoyment. “Whenever I feel cooped up in the office, I just put it on and ride my skateboard,” he said. “It’s the only way I can get my cape to flap in the wind just right.” —Jada Yuan

Duck Man, RFK Jr., Boldfacers Go Green at Theory