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Tina Fey Likes It When Soledad O’Brien Is Mean


O’Brien, up late last night.Photo: Getty Images

The estrogen was flowing nearly as freely as the cocktails at the Marriott Marquis last night, where American Women in Radio and Television brought together lots of, well, women in radio and television for the 32nd annual Gracie Awards. The night’s biggest-name winner was 30 Rock creator Tina Fey, presented with the award for outstanding female lead in a comedy series. Fey told the crowd that she was thrilled to be honored along with her “favorite anchor,” Soledad O’Brien. “I loved Soledad because she always seems like the only other woman on TV who was as overworked and grouchy as I am,” she joked. “You could always see it in her eyes in her promos. She was like, ’American Morning, every day at 6 a.m. 6 a.m.

O’Brien, the outstanding anchor winner, told us about the first live shot she ever did. “I was doing a live shot in a bar. Just as we started, I realized that everybody was drunk, and some man grabbed me and pinched me on the rear end, and I stopped talking like a deer in headlights,” she remembered. “But I learned a few lessons: Don’t do live shots in bars, and if you’re forced too, put your butt up against the bar so no one can be next to you.” And outstanding-comedy-special winner Wanda Sykes, who’s currently starring in Evan Almighty, told us that she’d like only one almighty power. “I would like to dunk,” she said. “Like, slam-dunk. How cool would that be?” It would be very cool. —Brett Amelkin

Tina Fey Likes It When Soledad O’Brien Is Mean