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What Were Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson Doing in the Bathroom Together?


Wentz and Simpson at his birthday party Tuesday night.Photo: Getty Images

So Pete Wentz and girlfriend Ashlee Simpson rushed into the Angels and Kings bathroom together at his 27th birthday party the other night, “Page Six” reported today. And we can confirm it’s true: We watched it happen. So what were the two of them doing in there? “Not cocaine,” Wentz pointedly told us a bit later, “which the British press would love to accuse me of. I walked her in there. She peed, and then I peed.” Exciting! What else did the Fall Out Boy front man do to celebrate his big day?

I woke up. I walked my dog on the grass near the [tour] bus at Jones Beach. I did TRL, went back to Jones Beach. Ate catered food. Played a concert. Got cake smashed in my face. Jumped in the ocean, which was awesome.” He also snagged some cool birthday gifts. He asked for an antique typewriter; he got two, both circa 1930, from his managers at Crush and his guitarist, Joe Trohman. He got a set of Michael Jackson videos. (Wentz is obsessed with the King of Pop, comparing Jackson to the Beatles and declaring “Beat It” the greatest song ever written.) Ashlee gave him a poster for “Revenge of the Jedi” — it’s the film’s original title, he said — and a proper shoulder bag, though she might have an ulterior motive for that one. “I’m just her purse,” he laughed, pulling something from his pocket. “Look, I have her credit card.” —Jada Yuan

What Were Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson Doing in the Bathroom Together?