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Correction: The British Are Bemused! The British Are Bemused!

If anthropomorphization is when human characteristics are applied to things not human, what’s the opposite? Because we got another letter today from the Campaign for Little Britain, which writes very much as though it’s one human being but signs its notes as though it’s an intangible entity. In any event, our new pen pal Campaign takes issue with both our response to his (her?) letter yesterday, and with our (punning) headline description of the Brits as angry. Here’s London calling, from a far-too-close place:


Sent: Tuesday, July 17, 2007 1:11:08 PM

To: intel

Subject: Angry? Me?

Dearest Intel

Just for the record, we came up with the idea then approached Branson, not the other way round; we needed some help to punch above our weight, but, you know, people see what they want to see.

Got no problem with scepticism [sic], but, yes, Koreatown was initiated by one bookstore and with their success more Korean businesses took hold; it is primarily a business district as few Koreans actually live there. Little Brazil was similarly invented. Leroy Street in the West Village was co-named Pat LaFreida last year literally after one local business, but we aren’t asking for that.

Has our neck of the woods ever been referred to as “Little Britain”? We can emphatically answer that with a yes, as well as Tea & Sympathy being called the Unofficial British Embassy. Nicky Perry, in the nearly 18 years she has been there, has pretty much single-handedly built a place that uniquely represents a living bit of the Old Country and that is after all what this New York tradition is all about, celebrating different cultures. Even the CB2 Traffic and Transportation sub committee recognized it in their decision saying, “We already are Little Britain”! Call Nicky and ask her.

Storm in a tea cup and all that, but, we have made a big contribution to the community and neighborhood and yeah, we went about it professionally. Usually you guys take the piss out of amateur-hour-Brits, jeez, just can’t win with you guys can we!

Anyway, you’re welcome anytime at the shop.

All the best,

Thanks, pal. Perhaps we’ll stop in. Meanwhile, we’re starting our own campaign. If they get the north side of Greenwich Avenue between West 12th and West 13th Streets renamed “Little Britain,” we demand to have the south side of that same block — in a window above which we happen to be sitting as we’re writing this — renamed “Little Place Where Some Jewish Writers Live.” We suspect we can find evidence that they’ve had a history in the neighborhood, too. And perhaps El Al will pay for our PR.

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The British Are Angry! The British Are Angry!

Correction: The British Are Bemused! The British Are Bemused!