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Did You Hear the One About the iPhone Nano?

• A JP Morgan analyst got canned for writing a report about a fictional Apple product, the iPhone Nano. [Apple 2.0 via DealBreaker]
• Using the screen name Rahodeb, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey posted on Yahoo Finance bulletin boards to bash competitor Wild Oats. [Deal Journal/WSJ]
• The SEC tries to reclaim authority over hedge funds by writing rules allowing the agency to sue for misleading investors. [Bloomberg]

• The legendary Yves Saint Laurent has been hospitalized for respiratory problems and is “not doing well.” [British Vogue]
• Topshop opened an online store called “Archive” to sell vintage pieces from the sixties and seventies. [Style Bubble]
• Is there room for knitting in high fashion? [NYT]

• News Corp. will launch Fox Business Network on October 15. Hope it owns Dow Jones by then! [NYT]
• Does Judith Regan have secret tapes that could be damning to Rupert Murdoch? [NYDN]
• How bad is it at Bauer? No bylines and a long commute, for starters. [Gawker]

• Former Milberg Weiss name partner Steven Schulman encouraged the entire firm to support his kid’s school by buying $200 gingerbread houses. [Legal Pad/Fortune via Above the Law]
• A New Jersey judge could be censured for improperly using his position in a dispute between his son and a high-school teammate. [Newark Star-Ledger]
• Is part-time work even an option at big firms? [Law Blog/WSJ]

Did You Hear the One About the iPhone Nano?