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Eliot’s Troubles: Don’t Worry, Uncle Shelly Will Make It All Better


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The loop in which our governor found himself last week — caught out for unethical behavior in the name of restoring ethics — refuses to unfasten. From the Post today comes the word that Spitzer has been cleverly silencing his aides by designating them “special counsels,” which means their communications are now privileged. (While his previous maneuvering smacked of Nixon, this one scans positively Clintonian.) And the state hasn’t even really leaned into the guy yet: Today’s Sun reports that the Inspector General’s office has yet to use its subpoena power on the administration. Meantime, while the guv took to the Times op-ed page yesterday to apologize (so that’s why he was accidentally dialing up Gail Collins), Shelly Silver has managed to recast himself as a kind but stern paternal figure. First the Assembly speaker defended Spitzer from angry journalists (“let’s not get sidetracked by what is becoming a sideshow”); now he’s dispensing tough-love advice through the Daily News. “It has been too much of a battle,” Shelly complained to the tabloid before adding: “He’ll be a better governor.” Little Eliot, one hopes, has learned his lesson — which, judging from the congestion-pricing debacle and now this, is to remember who’s his daddy.

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Eliot’s Troubles: Don’t Worry, Uncle Shelly Will Make It All Better