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Miss N.J. Blackmailed! (Over Cabaret?)



An anonymous evildoer is blackmailing Miss New Jersey, Amy Polumbo, and the situation is grave enough to have made it onto the cover of today’s Post. (We wouldn’t suggest that Polumbo’s swimsuit shot could ever have influenced the paper’s editorial decision-making.) So what’s the scandal? What kind of dirt could anyone have on the sweet, sorta-blonde theater performance major at Wagner College? Apparently, Polumbo has participated in an event called “I Survived Colins’ Bootcamp Cabaret Part III” — which leads us to brilliantly deduce there were also Parts I and II as well as, in all likelihood, a somewhat hard-to-survive program titled “Colins’ Bootcamp Cabaret.” (Also, God forbid a beauty queen should have participated in cabaret!) Nobody knows what went down, but it seems there are pictures. And someone has them. The blackmailer’s demand? To surrender the crown. A search for any combination of the words “bootcamp” and “cabaret” didn’t yield much, but we have our main suspect just from reading the Post: the runner-up Miss New Jersey, Ronica Licciardello, who stands to inherit the title and says, “I roomed with [Amy] during the pageant.” Ladies and gentlemen, motive and opportunity.

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Miss N.J. Blackmailed! (Over Cabaret?)