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N.J.’s Beauty-Queen-Blackmail Mystery Deepens, Gets Stupider



When the Post first reported the bizarre extortion scheme against Miss New Jersey, Amy Polumbo, in which the unknown fiend demanded only that Polumbo give up her crown, it at least had a titillating bent to it. The blackmailer was threatening to publish some photos of Polumbo gallivanting at what sounded like a drama-club retreat (And that one time? At band camp?). Well, the blackmailer has struck again, actually sending copies of the pictures to Polumbo — and leaching all mystery out of the case. We still don’t know what’s in the photos, but, says Miss Jersey’s attorney, the problematic content is not racy images — it’s “the captions on the photographs.” Captions? Captions?! Is Miss New Jersey secretly a LOLcat?

Miss New Jersey Gets 2nd Blackmail Package [AP via WNBC]
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N.J.’s Beauty-Queen-Blackmail Mystery Deepens, Gets Stupider