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Nothing Says Class Like a Box of Veuve

Veuve Clicquot Starlight Yellow Celebration. 7 World Trade Center, nr. Vesey St., 7 p.m. Expected guests include Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Phillip Lim. “Starlight” is Veuve Clicquot’s new line of boxed wine, which comes in three flavors: “yellow” (celebrated tonight), “red,” and “Mango-Cranberry Electrolyte Blast.”

Xanadu opening night. Helen Hayes Theatre, 240 W. 44th St., nr. Broadway, 6:30 p.m. Scheduled to attend: Olivia Newton-John. The last four TV and film characters Ms. Newton-John has played, according to her IMDb page: “Jasmine Wilde,” “Bitsy Mae Harling,” “Lina Bingham,” and “Julia Stonecypher.” If those four women were part of a crime-fighting organization, we think that Julia Stonecypher would be the gruff archaeologist who wore baggy clothes but was secretly hot, Lina Bingham would be the Waspy finance expert with her hair always pulled back in a bun, Bitsy Mae Harling would be the ditzy goofball, and Jasmine Wilde would be the karate-champion stripper who was always totally ready to make out with any of them. (All of our hypothetical crime-fighting teams are sponsored by Spike TV.)

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Nothing Says Class Like a Box of Veuve