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Poll: Old Ladies, Young Republicans Still Hate Hillary


Hillary in New Hampshire a week ago.Photo: Getty Images

So today’s New York Times/CBS News poll has a few choice stats on our lady of Chappaqua, Hillary Rodham Clinton. (Or is it just Hillary Clinton? Or H. Diddy? One loses track.) First, the obvious: Republican men can’t stand the woman. Only 9 percent of them view her favorably, though, interestingly, a full 21 percent of “conservative” men like her. We suppose this means that Rupert Murdoch likes her but Karl Rove does not. (We are aware this may not be news; we report, you decide.)

Among women, the poll shows that the older she is, the less she loves the former First Lady: While 47 percent of women under 45 like Hillary, that number drops to 46 percent for those aged 45 to 64 and then off a pollster’s cliff to a mere 40 percent for those 65 and older. Single chicks dig Hillary, at 53 percent, but only 39 percent of those trapped in marriage feel the same. Working-class ladies making less than $50,000 give Hill the thumbs-up 51 percent of the time, versus a mere 42 percent of those more fortunate. This leads to the conclusion that if you’re a 70-year-old biddy sitting on a nice little cash pile, you’ve got less time for the advancement of women than you do for the tax cuts of Republicans. To each her own. —Duff McDonald

Women Supportive But Skeptical of Clinton, Report Says [NYT]

Poll: Old Ladies, Young Republicans Still Hate Hillary