Sienna Miller Surprised by Her ‘Interview’ Interviews


Buscemi and Miller in New York last week.Photo: Getty Images

In her new movie, Interview, Sienna Miller plays an actress who isn’t taken seriously because of her tabloid notoriety. And as she promoted the film last week, life (vaguely) resembled art: Coverage has focused on a rumored romance with her friend Sean Combs, with whom she hung out in London just days before Diddy’s longtime girlfriend, Kim Porter, the mother of his newborn twins, was reported to move out of their shared apartment.

It’s very weird. In fact, it’s bizarre,” Miller told us, about fielding aggressive questions while promoting a movie about an interview that goes over the line. “Someone who reads tabloid papers, which I don’t, asked me about Puff Daddy, and I sort of got thrown by the question,” she said. “I didn’t even know that there was a story that apparently I’d broken up his marriage and I’m the reason he separated from his girlfriend. It’s untrue.” She also denies parallels between herself and her character: “She’s quite conniving and manipulative and comfortable with celebrity, and I’m not.” Miller developed a bond with Steve Buscemi, who plays Interview’s manipulative and manipulated reporter, but could she ever become friends with an actual reporter? “Um … well … uh … yes,” she stammered. “I’m not saying that every journalist is nasty. I know a nice writer who’s a friend.” —Jada Yuan

Sienna Miller Surprised by Her ‘Interview’ Interviews