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The Battle of (Little) Britain Rages On

We wonder if perhaps our across-the-street/pond conversation with the jolly good folks at the Campaign for Little Britain is coming to an end. We’ve received another missive from them this afternoon, and this time there’s no humor, no suggestions of a special relationship. We’re keeping a stiff upper lip, but we’re concerned:


Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2007 12:41:38 PM

To: intel

Dear Intel

Let’s address the real issue, regardless of any rational arguments and examples of precedent we might make you can’t get over your central objection — “it’s a marketing gimmick.”

Why? Because your instinctive reaction is we are trying to sell you something and this is a bit distasteful.

We are no more or less distasteful than you. Of course we’re selling an idea but so are you.

Whether it’s Neiman Marcus at the top of your home page, or the editorial opinion that’s written on the back of the advertising in your magazine.

Or, in our own way, the culture we represent.

We are all in the selling business.

It’s part of life.


And it’s true. We are all in the selling business. The difference is that we’re using our own property — our Website, our magazine — to sell. The Brits want to use a city street — a city street they don’t own, a city street on which others work and live — to do their selling. And that’s what bugs us.

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The Battle of (Little) Britain Rages On