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The Hot, Busy Trainer

Once a week, Daily Intel takes a peek at what your friends and neighbors are doing behind doors left slightly ajar. Today, the Hot, Busy Trainer: female, 28, trainer, Harlem, straight, in a relationship.

10 a.m.: Today I don’t work, so it’s normally the day I get to have sex with my hot trainer boyfriend. Instead, I have to go to boyfriend’s sister’s bridal shower. In Westchester. Immediately turned off.
1 p.m.: Arrive at shower. Everyone is wearing khakis and huge smiles. They are all from Connecticut and talk about doilies. Remain turned off.
4 p.m.: Get home. Boyfriend informs me that it’s “Guys’ Night,” and he is going out for beers. Normally I’d argue, but my insulin is too low after three slices of cake. Maybe he’ll get some action and tell me about it.
8 p.m.: Call best friend to see if she wants to go out. Her lover is on his way. Bitch!

9 a.m.: Teach Pilates to a lovely group of people. Lots of leg splitting, crotch opening, grunting, and breathing, but not a thought of sex.
7 p.m.: Pull on a sexy dress and attend a charity function with boyfriend.
10 p.m.: Drunk. Make out intensely with boyfriend in the cab on the way home.
10:15 p.m.: I take off my sexy function dress and hop into bed. By the time he gets undressed, I’m passed out. Naked.

5 a.m.: Wake up for a hell day of appointments.
Noon: Ugghhhhh. Mondays are my worst days.
9:30 p.m.: Last appointment ends. Too little energy to even think about sex.

9 a.m.: Awake having a dream about sex, with orgasm. Have dreams like this often. My inner sense of pride glows knowing that I can get off in my subconscious.
10:50 p.m.: Although the boyfriend has to get up at 5 a.m., I’m horny and tomorrow’s my day off. He hesitates. I do what a girl has to do.
11:31 p.m.: He’s ready for business. He’s satisfied. Me, not so much.

6 a.m.: Another sex dream.
9 a.m.: Horny. The worst is when you have a half-quickie late at night — you’re horny the whole next day.
6 p.m.: Horny.
11 p.m.: Boyfriend comes home late from work, so we decide to hold off another day.

7 p.m.: Pick up sushi en route home, hoping to get laid.
8 p.m.: The sushi trick works, but he says I have to be on top. I’ve already done the hours of cardio, so I distract him with a show on Discovery till it’s bedtime. Maybe tomorrow.

6 a.m.: Wake up for my other long day. Ugh.
6:15 a.m.: Boyfriend hands me an egg-white omelette, and we make out for a minute. Wish there were more time to finish off Tuesday. Oh, well, there’s always tonight.
7–11 a.m.: Four workouts in a row.
10 p.m.: Sleep.

Total: 1 drunken make-out session; 1 act of intercourse; 1 boyfriend orgasm; 1 dream orgasm; 0 actual orgasms.

The Hot, Busy Trainer