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‘Times’ Techie Pogue Sings iPhone’s Praises



Our father is not typically on the cutting edge of technology, nor of technology coverage. So while we’re used to one-sentence e-mails like “Make sure you read Bruni” or “David Brooks lost whatever negligible credibility he had left today,” we were entirely surprised to open the in-box this afternoon and find, exuberantly capitalized, this message: “No further discussion: DAVID POGUE IS THE COOLEST PERSON IN AMERICA!!!” What was Pogue up to now, we wondered, and why was Dad so into it? Then we saw. Behold “iPhone: The Musical,” which is not so much a musical as a big-budget karaoke number. To Sinatra. It’s hilarious, and we’re jealous.

iPhone: The Musical [NYT]

‘Times’ Techie Pogue Sings iPhone’s Praises