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What Does Shelly Have Up His Sleeve?


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The Daily News’ Daily Politics blog reports that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s office is calling up members of his Democratic majority as we speak, and asking them to return to Albany tomorrow. Exciting! Also, puzzling. The News deems this “a significant development,” but we know it can’t be to suddenly pass the now-scuttled congestion-pricing idea — unless Mayor Bloomberg just found some pictures of Silver riding in Alan Hevesi’s limo or on Joe Bruno’s horse. So what does Shelly need the Assembly for? Some theories:

1. The Lower East Side is dangerously low on pickles and herring; the LES Preserved Foods Preservation Act is in order.
2. He loves to mess with people’s vacations, just as a test of loyalty.
3. He read the last page of the leaked Harry Potter and has no one to discuss it with.
4. He just brainstormed a law, retroactive to 2001, that would make it illegal for media-company owners to run for mayor.
5. He needs help getting the gigantic bug out of his ass.

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What Does Shelly Have Up His Sleeve?