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At Clothing Launch, Amanda Bynes Doesn’t Wear Much

Amanda Bynes

Photo: Getty Images

Hairspray star (and aspiring New Yorker) Amanda Bynes is aware that she’s been looking a lot like Lindsay Lohan lately. At last night’s launch party for her new clothing line Dear, just as at events like the MTV Movie Awards and the Hairspray premiere, she sported long blonde locks and short black dresses — and a healthy layer of bronzer. “I never got to go to prom. I’ve been working since I was 7. I’ve been on TV since I was 10,” she told Daily Intel during the party at downtown SushiSamba, while nestled in a cozy booth. “It was time for me to glam it up. I’m 21 — these are the things that appeal to me!” Bynes’s skimpy attire choice proved prescient – as the sun and humidity stifled the roof deck, most guests began to wilt. Oh dear. —Amy Odell

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At Clothing Launch, Amanda Bynes Doesn’t Wear Much